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07 November 2018 In NEWS
Untitled (Hawkesbury) by Colin Rhodes, Finalist 2018 KAAF Art Prize Untitled (Hawkesbury) by Colin Rhodes, Finalist 2018 KAAF Art Prize








  Andrew Nott



Title: Untitled Triptych           (Triptych)

Size: 142 x 126 cm          Medium: Pastel, Pencil and Acrylic on Paper        Price: $6000






Susan O'Doherty



Title: Black and White Cat with Black and  White Dress

Size: 167 x 152 cm              Medium: Acrylic on Canvas              Price: $7000

My painting of a floating dress with a cat watching on is a metaphor for how women are scrutinized and evaluated by their wardrobe. Appearance is a dominant factor in how we are perceived and evaluated.  The repeated patterning echoes both conformity and strictures within society.  The cat stands in for the eyes of society, languidly casting a critical eye over the woman who without her attractive attire is often invisible.






Yeonjoo Park



Title: Cloud Hills

Size: 92 x 76 cm             Medium: Acrylic on Canvas            Price: $1500

I am drawn to the inner beauty of cloudscapes interpreting them in abstract and dreamlike manners.






Julie Poulsen



Title: Blue Sarong

Size: 106 x 101 cm            Medium: House Paint, Pastels, Biro, Markers          Price: $3800

This is a painting study on my easel of model in repose. Documenting the progress of drawings/paintings including the model in the background often yields future artworks. This is Lou in her blue sarong. 






Colin Rhodes



Title: Untitled (Hawkesbury)

Size: 29 x 42 cm            Medium: Etching and Aquatint            Price: $500 

A visionary portrait of Sydney's northern landscape. Realised through drawing and directions dictated by the magic of intaglio printmaking, through etching, aquatint and open bite methods. Edition produced by Cicada Press 






Julianne Ross Allcorn



Title: Per Mutua Nexis

Size: 186 x 143 cm           Medium: Pencil and Watercolour on 9 Birch Wood Panels             Price: $12000

"Per mutua nexis" is Latin for intertwined.
My love of etching, drawing and painting on wood panels brings out the textures and soft hues of the flora and fauna of both the Australian and Korean bush. I wanted to create a place where each of us could be surrounded by both cultures and be enticed to look, listen, hear and smell what we take for granted.
I create these artworks on my verandah in the Burralong Valley, Lower Hunter NSW and in my garden studio forever being inspired by what surrounds me. 






Mary Shackman



Title: 1-24

Size: 104 x 150 cm            Medium: Oil on Wood           Price: $8000 

1-24 geometric painting I have done in 24 blocks separately. I use geometrics shapes and curves to inform my practise and the viewer of my inner feelings of my world in the studio. these blocks can be moved into different positions so it a could be called a art puzzle with many possibilities. perhaps a art game.






Misim Song



Title: ONE #1

Size: 90 cm Diameter            Medium: Hand-Rolled Hanji Pellets (Korean Mulberry Paper) & Acrylic on Board           Price: $3200

This series, ONE, reflects the concept of the individual and the whole. In Korean, the word pronounced 'one' or 'won' means circle. My work is inspired by the 1970s Korean Dansaekhwa movement, when artists pushed, soaked, dragged, ripped and otherwise manipulated the materials of painting.






Vipoo Srivilasa



Title: Happy Together  (Triptych)

Size: 36 x 65 cm           Medium: Enamel Metal           Price: $5500

With many tragic events that had been taking place around the world, I felt the need to create work that was cheerful, uplifting and expressed happiness. 
According to researchers at the University of California, taking and sharing happy photos, including smiling “selfies” can have an uplifting effect on your mood.  
Based on this study, “Happy Together” inspired by many selfie photos I come across online. Generally, most of the selfies photos that make me happy are the ones when people posted with the “V” hand symbol.  In Asia, this hand symbol signifies peace and happiness. 
Making “Happy Together” is my way of finding peace and contentment. I experienced a positive change in my overall mood; I felt more mindful, reflective and appreciative.
I hope “Happy Together” will have an uplifting effect on the mood of the public as it did for me.






Liz Stute



Title: Why Bother

Size: 61 x 76 cm            Medium: Oil on Linen           Price: $3500






Sun-Ho Park



Title: Elephant

Size: 102 x 102 cm            Medium: Pencil on Canvas           Price: $4000






Andrew Tomkins



Title: Green Cut II "Safe From The Rising Tide?"

Size: 119 x 119 cm            Medium: Pigment on Hand-Cut Polyester Over Prepared Board            Price: $10000

Green Cut depicts the change of tide in a mangrove forest on the Parramatta River. This work aims to foster an appreciation of the global environment, and with hope will stimulate concern for the future of these natural places.  






Floria Tosca



Title: Actaeon

Size: 93 x 138 cm           Medium: Acrylic on Canvas           Price: $2400

My practice explores mythologies and narratives that incorporate nature and natural phenomena. They often expound a state of fluidity between what is human or Godlike, with what is animal, plant, the sky or earth. These transformations are carried out with ease and are used to symbolize punishments, routes to escape pursuit or routes to nirvana, and reflect the inherent nature of our perceived interconnectedness.

In Actaeon’s story, his transformation into a stag served as punishment for his transgression upon the Goddess Artemis. He became prey to his own beloved hunting dogs.






Claire Tozer



Title: Mangroves

Size: 93 x 126 cm           Medium: Ink on Paper           Price: $5000

When walking through the coastal areas near where I live on the Central Coast, I take photos of the bushland and waterways. At home, I print out the photos I am interested in and set down to draw my own interpretation of what I experience in that scene.
'Mangroves' was drawn with permanent pigment ink pens. I find these pens enable me to explore every moment and step through this environment in a graphic and detailed way; not as a direct representation but with a creative and exploratory process. 






 J Valenzuela Didi



Title: All Yesterday's Parties

Size: 75 x 150 cm           Medium: Acrylic on Canvas          Price: NFS






Katy Woodroffe



Title: The Porcelain Life Raft

Size: 100 x 100 cm          Medium: Acrylic and ground pigment on paper          Price: $6600

“I think the sea swallowed dozens of tea sets - tossed in abandon off liners or consigned to the tide by jilted brides. I collected a shiver of china bits, with borders of larkspur and birds or braids of daisies. No two patterns ever matched”.  Sylvia Plath






Chee Yong



Title: Landscape Abstraction

Size: 29 x 23.5 cm          Medium: Oil and Enamel on Wood          Price: $1800






Sairi Yoshizawa




Title: Shades of Distance

Size: 112 x 55 cm           Medium: Hand Woven and Naturally Dyed Cotton and Wool          Price: $840 

Sairi Yoshizawa’s work reflects her interest in the eternal discovery of colours in local landscapes. Natural dye reveals unpredictable colours; it is like searching for and recording nuances of colours and patterns in the land, or more simply, it depicts the effects of the passing of time.
This work is dyed with eucalyptus bark, gradation of colours and its pattern mimic the layers of the beneath and narratives of nature, both past present and future.  
The process and materials are used as a metaphoric representation. The material becomes a being absorbing the substances in the environment, exploring the inner surface of truth and sense of belonging.





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