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Korea-Australia Arts Foundation’s vision is to foster a society that encourages artists to liaise with one another within the multicultural society, to appreciate and value the differencesin their creativity and hence provide a better understanding of the differences in culture.



Korea-Australia Arts Foundation (KAAF) endeavours fora community that is actively involved within the fields of art and culture in this multicultural society. It seeks to serve and to provide support where is needed in order to make such a community.


A culture needs natural means of birth and growth to be fully established. Hence a basis on cooperation and coexistence needs to be the fundamental principles in order for this to happen.  One major objective of KAAF in order to achieve this principle is to organise and open art competitions (Annual Art Prize & Award) which will provide opportunities for artists of all ethnicities to liaise with one another, to coexist and cooperate within this multiculturalism. In doing this, it not only enhances better relationships of the artists with various ethnicities but opens doors to those within the community who are not directly involved as artists to come together as well.    


The Korean government has long been involved in the business of promoting its culture on a worldwide basis to emphasize its national value. Hence another aim for KAAF with support from the Korean Culture Centre in Sydney is to take the initiative and pride in assisting the Korean government achieve its objective in a non-exploitive and friendly way.


KAAF will strive to change a generally passive community from being at audience levels to those which actively take part and interest by becoming a sponsor or a supporter. Together as a group, KAAF and the community will play an important role in assisting both governments achieve its aim in enhancing a more multicultural nation for Australia and a nation of extensive culture and value for Korea.




There are three main ways in which you can assist Korea-Australia Arts Foundation for growth and function.


1. Membership

You can play an important role in helping artists by becoming a member of KAAF in which an annual fee is required.


2. Donation

For those not in favour of membership KAAF is open to monetary donations.


3. Volunteering

Please show support for KAAF either by assisting at the opening reception of the exhibition (even just your presence may mean a lot!) or as an aide at other various functions the KAAF may hold throughout the year.



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  • Hoim Lee / KAAF President

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