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Artist  Title
Abdullah, Abdul You Can Call Me Careless
Arora, Ann Convergence
Aslanidis, John Sonic No. 63
Austin, Joseph Big Magpie Drawing
Bang, Min-Woo Sublime In Nature
Bird, Stephen Self Portrait With Brush and Palette
Bonett, Christian Newtown
Briscoe, Kate Detail Limestone Rockface Split Geikie Gorge
Canfield, Jane West Hobart, #2
Cho, Eun Ju Harmony and Balance 3
Ciren, Duojie Buddhist Academy's Winter
Collins, David Swell
Connor, Paul Architectural Things
Cyrulla, Dagmar Everything to Everyone
Daffurn, Ryan Herbst Mittels Frühling/ Spring Through Autumn
Dominello, Viola After the Back Burn, Galston
Douglas, Blak The Katter Grid
Ewing, Robert Transitional Landscape
Foye, Garry Grawin Construction
Fredrickson, Margaret Pathways
Hall, Larraine The Bodybuilder
Handley, Craig The Climb 7112
Harriott, Liz One Minute to Midnight, Full Moon November 2018 in Neptune’s Garden of Eden 
Henley, Kyra Vacuum Pump
Hinton, Peta Banksia In The Ferns
Hungerford, Jude I've Seen Fire, and I've Seen Rain
Jackson, Paul A Remarkable Man
Keating, Ash Gravity System Response 126
Kim, Hyunji Claire
Kim, Jonathan Jogakbo I
Kim, Jung Eun Breathe In, Breathe Out
Lea, Nerissa Jump
Lee, Hyun-Hee Winter Letter
Leisner, Anne Roundabout Ahead
Liew, Jerry Wharf 4
Mackay, Alison Fay's Gardenias
Martignon, Sonia Nymph of Empathy – Looked deep into nature and saw through the eye of another.
McCrae, Darcy Criminals In The Paper
McGovern, Kathryn Tarkine Wonderland
McKenzie, Gail Blackford Hill
Miller, Paul The Last Bale of Hay
Morgan, Guy Lagoon Nebula
Moss, Damian Dark Matter No. 2
Nott, Andrew Untitled Triptych
O’Doherty, Susan Black and White Cat with Black and White Dress
Park, Sun-ho Elephant
Park, Yeonjoo Cloud Hills
Poulsen, Julie Blue Sarong
Rhodes, Colin Untitled (Hawkesbury)
Ross Allcorn, Julianne Per Mutua Nexis
Shackman, Mary 1-24
Song, Misim One #1
Srivilasa, Vipoo Happy Together
Stute, Liz Why Bother
Tomkins, Andrew Green Cut II "Safe From The Rising Tide?"
Tosca, Floria Actaeon
Tozer, Claire Mangroves
Valenzuela Didi, J All Yesterday's Parties
Woodroffe, Katy The Porcelain Life Raft
Yong, Chee Landscape Abstraction
Yoshizawa, Sairi Shades of Distance



The entry numbers of this year's art prize was like no other! 

The judges had an extremely difficult session narrowing their choices down to just 61 finalists out of well over a half-a-thousand entries.

Images and details of artworks will follow in a few days.




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