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Alexander, Suzanne

Title: 'Walking the Dogs'

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 30 x 42          Price: $1240



As a plein air painter Elkington Park, Balmain means Cockatoo Island, Spectacle Island, Snapper Island and the Dawn Fraser Swimming Baths. However when I saw this person and her two dogs I had to paint the scene. It was the contrast between the figure in white and the two white dogs against the dark background.





Allen, Tim

Title: 'Apsley Gorge'

Medium: Ink, Gouache, Pastel and Charcoal on Paper

Size: 95 x 79          Price: $3600



Completed while working plein air in New England gorge country; this is a response to a particular spot as well as a view of landscape as a dizzying receptacle of all-over mark making.





 Antoniou, Andrew

Title: 'Cooks River'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 91 x 121          Price: $10000






Armitage, Trevor

Title: 'Cabins, Mt Taranaki, NZ'

Medium: Oil on Plywood

Size: 33 x 43          Price: $700



I came across this 60’s camping ground overlooking Mt Taranaki, NZ. In this painting I wanted to capture  the sense of solitude and tranquility that the scene evoked. I felt nostalgic for quieter times and a simpler lifestyle.





Astley, Robin

Title: 'Big Brother'

Medium: Acrylic Polymer on Heavy Weight Fabriano Paper

Size: 20 x 20          Price: $650



This painting was inspired by Magritte's painting 'The False Mirror' where the viewer both looks through it  and is looked at by it:  simultaneously seeing and being seen. By harnessing a dreamlike quality, the painting explores the spiritual, psychological and physical dimensions of identity.





Balassa, Jacqueline

Title: 'Valley with Palms'

Medium: Oil on Board

Size: 82.5 x 56          Price: $4000



This painting is based on a beautiful valley in the Kimberley area of north Western Australia. I tried to depict the colours, light & patterns to give a feeling of place while at the same time transforming it through my imagination and invention.





Bang, Min-Woo

Title: 'Skyfall'

Medium: Oil on Linen

Size: 71 x 71          Price: $7000



I am interested in painting nature's transitional moods in a suite of breathtaking landscapes, engaging our senses with the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the land and sky that echo human moods. While nature remains the dominant source of inspiration, the artist's differential viewpoints enhance the audience's personal encounter with landscape. I focus on a dramatic interplay between light and dark directing to shifting stormy clouds or gusts of wind which evokes a sense of time passing and memory.





 Bird, Stephen

Title: 'Woman with a Sawfish'

Medium: Oil on Linen

Size: 91 x 61          Price: $7500



Painted after a holiday in Queensland, Woman with a sawfish, combines an image of a leisure diver from the 1980,s with a mask which was owned by renowned Scottish painter Alan Davie. Davie had used this mask in several still lifes he painted in the 80's and seemed to be a touchstone  to the idea of the noble savage. Although at first my painting may seem comical it also alludes to our changing attitudes to nature, the environment and especially how human activity impacts on the fragile eco system of the Australian coastline.





 Blackburne, Sandra

Title: 'End of the Day, Fowlers Gap'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 110 x 102          Price: $3800



The arid research station of Fowlers Gap in far western NSW is the inspiration behind this painting which is part of a recent series of new works. The setting sun  behind the rocky ridge, created a golden glow which lit up the horizon in this deserted windswept landscape. There is a sense of the Sublime here where man seems insignificant, but there is no sense of fear or loneliness, rather the huge landscape creates in me a sense of peace.





Boag, Yvonne

Title: 'The History of Somewhere Else'

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 182 x 120          Price: $12000



This painting shows the War Memorial Museum in Seoul. I am especially aware in Spring of the great disparity between the green colour of the surrounding nature and the massive grey war machines, idle and obsolete carriers of death. Bronze statues of men and women, suffering; impossible to comprehend. Rows of names of people who died in the Korean war. It is overwhelming.

We are all only here for a short time yet many have that time stolen from them. It is always seems to happen in another time or another country and, we are told, in a good cause. All war and its endless continuum of suffering is wrong.

My shadow is below the tree. I want to show that I can see and acknowledge the past and hope that, like the trees, I will go when the season is right not when some idiots decide it for me.





Brancatisano, Helen

Title: 'Invocations 5'

Medium: Drypoint, Etching, Monotype

Size: 47 x 43          Price: $400



The Biloela Industrial School for Girls was established on Cockatoo Island in 1871 with the purpose of removing destitute girls from the streets of Sydney. The institution was plagued with mismanagement and cruelty. The girls were housed in the original convict prison, and the name 'Biloela', an aboriginal word for 'cockatoo', was chosen to wipe out association with the notorious convict years on the island.
Cockatoo Island was once home to tall redwood gums and flocks of sulphur crested cockatoos.  I see a psychological and spiritual relationship developing between the girls of Biloela and their elusive predecessors, the cockatoos.These images are situated between incarceration and escape, security and peril, sky and water, the temporal and the spiritual, bringing to mind the institutionalisation and incarceration of the vulnerable today.
In these images a new mythology is created as the girls find their alter egos in the birds.





Bray, Kate

Title: 'Interconnection'

Medium: Mixed Media on Paper Framed

Size: 29 x 20          Price: $395



This mixed media piece explores the interconnectedness of secrets and mysteries that lie unsaid and unseen within the tangled branches of family trees across the generations.





Briscoe, Kate

Title: 'Rockfall #19'

Medium: Mixed Media and Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 101 x 101          Price: $7000



This work is from a series that continues my exploration of The Kimberley, focussing here on Emma Gorge, off the Gibb River Road.Emma Gorge is a steep gorge whose walls display the many layers of rock formations from different periods of geological time. Where these rocks have broken off and tumbled into the gorge, a mixture of forms, textures and shapes of rock can be seen jumbled together.

I want these works to give a visual sensation of geological time as well as the extraordinary colours and textures of rocks in this very particular place.





Chen Chow, Susanna

Title: 'Fishing Fleet No.2'

Medium: Ink and Charcoal on Paper

Size: 63 x 81          Price: NFS



This is another of my 'Harbour' series. This subject has always attracted me as my life has always been around the water. I've always been interested in abstracting the unique shapes and sizes of the boats I see on the water.





Ciren, Duojie

Title: 'Gong Tang Tower'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 61 x 92          Price: $980



This is a project I am working on this year after been back to my hometown early this year, a beautiful Tibetan Region in Central China. After visiting those amazing historical sights in the region that I was so moved and inspired to create a series of paintings of the ancient towns, mountains and temples. The purpose is to study and discover a contemporary art form from painting these hundred years old Tibetan monasteries.





Connor, Paul

Title: 'Rolling with Grattai Valley'

Medium: Gouache, Cardboard Collage

Size: 60 x 80          Price: $3500



I draw and paint wherever I happen to be, using gouache, acrylic, collage and iPads. This painting is made 'en plein air' in a beautiful valley near Mudgee. It is a place that I know well and have used as a subject of many years.
In this instance I have painted on a corrugated cardboard substrate which is dug into and peeled back to add texture, and on which is layered more cardboard, paint and charcoal until I am satisfied the work is finished.
A varnish is applied to further define the textural quality of the work.





 Courtenay, Gabrielle

Title: 'As the Wheel Turns'

Medium: Oil, Vinyl, Pigmented Acrylic, Gold Leaf on Plywood

Size: 92 diameter          Price: $6600 




 My artwork is a conceptual and spiritual journey that explores my lifelong fascination with the symbology of religion, love, birth, death, creation and renewal.

'As the Wheel Turns' is a multi layered visual narrative where past battles of evil against good in the Celestial Garden continue into the 21st century.





Cyrulla, Dagmar

Title: 'The Continued Story'

Medium: Oil on Linen

Size: 40 x 40          Price: $4500






Davis, Cilla

Title: 'Norwegian Orange Pond II'

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 125 x 94          Price: $3500



I try to capture the feeling of new life beginning when spring approaches. The Norwegian orange gouache was the inspiration behind this drawing and the movement of insects above and below the water.





Dawson, Michelle

Title: 'Malay Stray II'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 26 x 36          Price: $950



These paintings spring from a Malaysian residency in 2016.
They are about what not to paint as much as what to paint, resisting the urge to explain and making all the decisions with reference to the aesthetic of the rectangle.
They are about conscious judgements and decisions based on an inner dialogue…watching carefully and not painting too carefully…trusting the brush and my hand/arm/experience to make the marks.
And also somehow immortalising these invisible dogs, that live out strange lives on the edges of the community, waiting patiently for scraps, which do come…but never experiencing affection. Giving them centre stage, just this once.





Didi, J Valenzuela

Title: 'Getting Used to the Dust In Your Lungs'

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Size: 92 x 122          Price: $4800






Dion, Dana

Title: 'Forest Walk'

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 169 x 127          Price: $6680



My art aims to capture the interaction and movement of natures elements. Trees, for example, create “windows”  to the view beyond; encapsulating the intimacy of the Australian landscape: the slow moving flux of trees, leaves and branches, disappearing and reappearing, and the subtle changes in  light, space and texture.





Dunlop, Sophie

Title: 'Vermilion Bird'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 87.5 x 137.5          Price: $7500



I was inspired by a piece fabric depicting the mythical phoenix. This bird symbolises the union of male and female and represents high virtue and grace. I love the dramatic colour and rhythmic movement of the design and built my composition around this. Warm vermilion dominates this painting, it is used in the oranges and reds of the design as well as the red lacquer-ware.







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