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Fodor, Nic

Title: 'Dreaming of Sleep'

Medium: Markers on Bleedproof A3 Paper

Size: 50 x 40          Price: $500



"Dreaming of Sleep" is an ode to my suffering self on a sleepless night. This piece is my attempt at capturing my insomnia, and the anxiety, agitation and quiet chaos that accompany it. I use vivid colours and maddening imagery to contrast the darkness and monotony of lying in bed awake, for hours on end. These characters embody the frantic thought processes that take place when panic sets in. They, like I, are bleary-eyed, battered and a little worse for wear.





Foye, Garry

Title: 'Capertee Construction #7'

Medium: Gouache

Size: 76 x 106          Price: $4000



My work relates to landscape, not in the usual sense of copying nature, but the landscape our society creates. Compositions are derived from structures, surfaces and textures left in the ever-changing wake of continuous progression and replacement. This particular work is one in a series of paintings and drawings that relate to the redundant shale mine at Glen Davis in the Capertee valley where I lived as a child and have revisited on many occasions in the pursuing years.





Fyfe, Keith

Title: 'Past - Present - Future'

Medium: Mixed Media Paintings in Plastic Slide Mounts

Size: 50 x 56          Price: $1886



The boundaries between art and photography took a long time to dissolve. Some early photographers wanted to make photographs that appeared painterly so that their new medium would gain acceptance as a creative form. Today we have some contemporary painters scrupulously aiming to replicate super realistic photographs.

In this set of slides the images are hand-made and opaque and so cannot be projected. Some are painterly, some appear photographic; what is real, what is imagined?





 Glynn, Anna

Title: 'Colonial Hybrid - Stubbs Kongouro 1770 in Ballgown from Ann Marsden 1820'

Medium: Ink, Watercolour and Pencil on Arches Paper

Size: 102 x 66          Price: $7500



The Colonial Hybrid is a composite work, an amalgamation of historical imagery both real and reimagined. In Governor John Hunter’s late 1700s journal kept on board the Sirius, on seeing the Australian landscape and flora and fauna for the first time he described the creatures he saw as coming about through ‘a promiscuous intercourse between the different sexes of all these different animals’.

I have expanded and elaborated on Hunter’s idea of “promiscuous intercourse” to create my own strange antipodean creature, a hybrid manifestation of colonial fauna illustration and the human form cloaked in surviving costumery.





Hagiwara, Junko

Title: 'Millers Point, Sydney'

Medium: Watercolour

Size: 80 x 100          Price: $1200



These boats bring the crews on the ships in the harbour to the shore. The boat to the right in the foreground is an emergency vehicle that cleans up oil leak. I met some of the people who work for the port authority while painting plein air. They all seem to love their job.





Handley, Craig

Title: 'The Trappings 2017'

Medium: Oil on Linen

Size: 112 x 122          Price: $8800



The trash the treasure and the endless illusion!





Hinton, Peta

Title: 'Seep'

Medium: Acrylic on Paper, Mounted on Scroll: Calico, Paper, Wood

Size: 103 x 91          Price: $2000



This painting was inspired by a sandstone overhang in the Gully behind my house. It has been shaped by the ebb and flow of ground water that seeps from the rocks, ranging from a few drops to a waterfall. It is a cool, dark, damp, mysterious place that captures the imagination.





Holt, Sam

Title: 'Pigeons Dreaming'

Medium: Oil and Chinese Ink on Linen

Size: 168 x 138          Price: $6000



Sam Holt’s works are responses and painterly musings on the why and how and where of the divergent paths we take in life. At the heart of his unscripted and free-flowing art is a way of manifesting the life force, of weighing-up philosophies and expressing the challenges, the motivations and processes of everyday decision-making. His paintings act as a collaged visual diary of his thoughts, provocations and speculations for both the present and the future.

'Pigeons dreaming' explores the ongoing tussle we have in the creation and direction we steer our lives and the motivations and securities that guide our decision-making. Titteringly balancing between the individual and society’s collective needs versus wants the work tussles with the daily quandary of reality, survival and aspirations implicated in our life choices.





Hunt, Nancy

Title: 'Gypsy II'

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 77 x 120          Price: $1500



Riding or drawing, the order isn’t certain, both were started at a tender age. My work is formed from an abstracted or distorted view. I deal with the Landscape in the manner of not something to look at but rather something to look through, paring down the relationship with my environment. This makes me deal with the process of looking. My approach to has developed a type of personal language of marks, shapes and colours.
It interests me to juxtapose this idea with the literal and figurative in a landscape.
The inspirations for me to make art is my life experiences that have come along with it. Life’s journey itself. I have always constructed, painted and drawn since an early age. Primary school Correspondence lessons enticed a particular interest and enhanced a desire to be an artist.  My background is horses, the bush and travelling.





Jackson, Paul

Title: 'The Epic Journey'

Medium: Oil on Linen

Size: 100 x 135          Price: $8000







Jin, Younghwa

Title: 'Blackheath'

Medium: Watercolour on Paper

Size: 60 x 80          Price: $1250



This artwork is applying Korean traditional ink painting technique with water color without using ink.

By using a Korean traditional brush, I tried to use a variety of stroke, dots and lines in the sketching. I have strived to reflect the minimum possible amount of light and colour in the scene that change every moment.
The result was a pale but elegant. 





Jones, Gabrielle

Title: 'Samsara'

Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 120 x 150          Price: $5990



My abstract artwork riffs on the art I was seeing in trips to India, Italy and France this year, particularly religious art and that from the Baroque and Rococo eras. It was painted as part of a series "I Wanna Be Adored" and aims to externalise the experience, the emotional response to the beautiful works I was seeing, which were so much more than the images they portrayed.Drawing on maximalist tenets, my work generates a sense of weightlessness and movement, and the space, I hope, speaks volumes.





 Jones, Megan

Title: 'Is the Machine the Ghost?'

Medium: Oil on Poly Cotton

Size: 100 x 100          Price: $1350



This title relates to a book by Arthur Koestler called ‘The ghost in the machine’ (1967) looking at the mind-body problem. Koestler’s materialistic approach is supported by modern research, which suggests that the ‘mind’ and embodied brain may be one and the same, and that this may be provable in future.





Kempson, Michael

Title: 'Pacific Playtime 2017'

Medium: Etching and Aquatint

Size: 120 x 95          Price: $3800



As a recent grandfather my recent prints extend ideas explored following a residency at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, where the soft toy creatures sold in their gift shop inspired arrangements that became satirical metaphors for international power-play and cold conflict. Pacific Playtime (2016/17), depicts these animals as representations of nation states in a formal arrangement that contains China’s panda and the bald eagle of the USA. It hints at the universal and regional dynamics confronting the old order, precipitated by shifts in the world economy from west to east. At the centre of this uneasy menagerie is Korea, a pivotal country in our current geopolitical conjunction and recent not-so-cute strategic dialogue. More importantly, it alludes to how the future must be faced together despite all of our multiple differences.





Kim, Hyun Soon (Cherry)

Title: 'Autumn Leaves'

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 61 x 46          Price: $1500






 Kim, Daniel

Title: 'New Zealand Coast'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 40 x 40          Price: $400



New Zealand is special to me because I lived there before coming to Australia.





 Lee, Hyun-Hee

Title: 'Confessions #3'

Medium: Pencil, Burn Marks Dyed with Ink Hanji Paper, Silk Thread

Size: 80 x 80          Price: $2600



Memories of family rituals based on Buddhist beliefs linger strong in my mind since migrating from Korea. Always on New Year's Eve we wrote our confessions from the past year on papers which were then folded and burnt. Recreating this ritual became cathartic for me and created an emotional and spiritual connection to my family and culture.





 Leisner, Anne

Title: 'The Clarence Hotel'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 66 x 66          Price: $750



Having spent most of my life growing and learning in an inner suburb of Sydney, I have a certain affinity with the perfect imperfections of the city. Through my paintings I try to portray the city the way I view it, capturing the colour, shapes, light, graffiti and all the wonderful nuances of city life.





 Lister, Kellie

Title: 'Portrait of a Women'

Medium: Watercolour and Pastel

Size: 43 x 35          Price: $850



'Portrait of a Women' transcends the beauty of women when they embrace their true inner self; a natural calm self confidence in a soft protective web.





Longhurst, Kathrin

Title: 'Pilot Girl Revisted II'

Medium: Oil on Linen

Size: 92 x 92          Price: $15000



My work aims to reshape the image of a women from being a passive object of admiration or desire to one of an agent. Over many years I have been using the symbolism of military uniforms and accessories to attribute a sense of strength and power to my female subjects. This visual language is derived from a childhood spent behind the iron curtain in East Berlin.

The pilot girl is symbolic for modern day women, who are freedom fighters, daredevils and rebels. The act of flying carries many associations not only relating to space travel, pioneering and exploration but also to the feeling of being weightless and above earthly problems and concerns.

My pilot girls are often falling or floating, with a complete sense of abandonment and trust. There is no fear or panic but a knowledge that whatever happens, this will be your destiny..





Lopes, Steve

Title: 'Watchtower Figure'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 60 x 90          Price: $4000








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