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 By Artists' Surname M-Z



 Mak, Lynne

Title: 'Mount Morgan'

Medium: Ink and Acrylic

Size: 100 x 93          Price: $3000



I use memories and photographs of the landscape to express my interest in the history and character of old country towns.Mount Morgan in Queensland is set in harsh,dry countryside and has historical buildings as well as disused industrial machinery left over from gold and copper mining. It is these memories i use to try and visually reproduce the essence of this lovely old town.





Marks, Deborah

Title: 'In Search Of...'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 100 x 110          Price: $8000



The subject of my painting ‘In Search Of’ is concerned with the psychological issue of being in a transitional phase in life. This phase relates particularly to being between cultures where the mental state of ‘being here but remembering there’ creates a sense of uncertainty of identity. This uncertainty and awkwardness is portrayed by the figure being on edge, unbalanced, yet powerful. The figure is located in an improbable space that is physically awkward and mentally confusing. The surroundings are unstable where the figure searches within a precarious territory which could be a dead end, false internal proposition or unlikely destination. The other figures represents the the witness or perhaps even a relationship where individuals lose and find themselves.





 McDougall, Scott

Title: 'The Comtessa Wears a Hanbok (After Ingres)'

Medium: Acrylic and Oils

Size: 62 x 44.5          Price: $5500



Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres has always been a favourite artist of mine especially with his handling of fabric.
After an art residency in Vietnam last year I developed a fascination with ethnic costumes, the áo dài worn in Vietnam and the hanbok in Korea. This Prize motivated me to combine the themes of a favoured artist and the beautiful lines of the hanbok.





McKay, Kevin

Title: 'Railway Tunnel - Cronulla'

Medium: Oil on Board

Size: 25.4 x 40.6          Price: $1100



A railway bridge adorned with graphic signage helps define an illusionary foreground and background space.  Its function in delivering straight line passage above is countered by the curvy passage around and through its mass below.  The roundabout appears almost as a consequence to the negative form of the arch that frames a view of common apartments, which the cheesy real estate advertising seeks to sell. Soft clouds and scruffy trees contrast with the hard edges of geometric and architectonic form in a poetic engagement between the incidental and universal.





McNabney, Sian

Title: 'The Redundancy'

Medium: Oil on Board

Size: 120 x 60          Price: $800



This piece acknowledges the outdated and horrific practice of blood sports. The lonesome figure is seen in the traditional costume worn by matadors, yet is otherwise in a vulnerable state of undress. Pictured indoors in a cramped interior he appears pitiful and out of place. Without his usual context and environment he is simply a misplaced figure, with no rightful place in contemporary society.





 Michell, Matilda

Title: 'Woman in a Blue Dress'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 60 x 75          $1800



The composition of this painting is based on some of Euan Uglow's work. The main focus for me was the interaction between the figure and the chair and the abstract nature of the patterning on the dress





 Miller, Paul

Title: 'Twilight Lane in Bowral'

Medium: Oil Pastel on Paper

Size: 36 x 81          Price: $3000



This work is part of an on going series of images of Bowral.  There is a mystery and magic in the spaces and forms of the landscape.





Milne, Ben

Title: 'Three Birds'

Medium: Acrylic on Board

Size: 50 x 46          Price: POA






 Morgan, Guy

Title: 'I Know (Old Territory)'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 122 x 76          Price: $4400



This abstracted perspective of Garigal National Park shows the exposed rocks on the hillside and the waters of middle harbour viewed between the trees. The local raven, (whose haunting "I know” call supplies the oft heard soundtrack) perches on the obsolete antennae overhead. It all echoes old territory.





Moroney, John

Title: 'After the Rain'

Medium: Oil on Board

Size: 64 x 105          Price: $1000






Myronenko, Yana

Title: 'Dogwalk'

Medium: Collage

Size: 25.5 x 15.5          Price: $140




Title: 'Still Life with Orange'

Medium: Collage

Size: 30 x 26          Price: $140






Primrose, Claire

Title: 'Recreated Landscape'

Medium: Graphite and Ink on Board

Size: 45 x 15          Price: $920



My work finds inspiration in the direct linking of immediate locations with my techniques of making a painting; transporting a real environment into the making of an artistic space  evocative of its original and my own identities. 

My practice recreates surfaces, textures and colours evocative of  particular places;  each work attempts to re-collect layers of the ‘place’ at once of and from memory melded with specific gatherings, a culmination of many different images, spaces,  experiences, and materiel.  





Sanasi, Mario

Title: 'Auslandia'

Medium: Photography

Size: 45 x 62         Price: $1200



This image represents a dreamlike mythical place, Auslandia. It's a place that exists in the mind of the artist only. He wishes he could go there... and with his art, he can.





Schoen, Mia

Title: 'Stormship'

Medium: Oil and Thread on Canvas

Size: 90 x 90          Price: $3000 



 A huge storm system unfolds into a clear afternoon. Crepusculated rays of light form shards and splinter out like beams from the base of an alien mothership. Cruising in front of the sun, it envelops a valley in shadow – a tiny civilisation dwarfed and scattered below it.
Will the darkness of the cloud unleash a powerful storm? It’s beauty is ominous as in nature, not just an interplay of light and shadow and changing colour as the world turns, but a vast and dangerous power, contained in a moment lost.





 Shirvington, Patrick

Title: 'Banksia Serrata'

Medium: Pencil/Pen and Ink on Paper

Size: 76 x 56          Price: $2500



As humans we observe the landscape….but do we see…..is our consciousness clouded by chaos on the periphery? By sitting, and just allowing the landscape to speak, transcends our normal fleeting glance.

Labels, names, and subject become irrelevant, as the object becomes more and more unique.





Song, Misim

Title: 'Piece of Mind II'

Medium: Hanji (Korean Mulberry Paper) and Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 91 x 91          Price: NFS



My work is inspired by the Dansaekhwa movement that emerged in Korean painting in the mid-1970s, when a group of artists began to push paint, soak canvas, drag pencils, rip paper and otherwise manipulate the materials of painting. The literal meaning of Dansaekhwa is monochrome painting. The repetitive process of making and arranging each of the several thousand paper pellets on the canvas is an almost spiritual process, inducing a near meditative state which is transferred to the finished work making it more than a merely visual image.





Stokes, Sally

Title: 'Dynamic Duo'

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 102 x 122          Price: $3500



The river calls me, with its ever changing lights, its unpredictable streams of colour across its surface, the weather reflected in its long history in the trees the rocks and the changes they reflect. The mud flats, where the tides show their continuity and the underworld. The crab sounds, the fish jump, the birds fly and land. Splash! Another pattern to observe.Rain falls as I glide a canoe, a pattern of dots. Clouds cover the sun, water changes colour. A boat that passed ten minutes before leaves a track on the water. Movement. Change. Layers.

The textures of different trees, angophoras, banksias and rocks and grasses, and the ever moving skies all move me inside the experience and then beyond.





 Suzuki, Moritaka

Title: 'Still Life with Porcelain Vase'

Medium: Oil on Aluminium Panel

Size: 14 x 21          Price: $2850



Still Life with Porcelain Vase is inspired by the classical realistic paintings from the 18th to 19th century. The dark background, which is a characteristic of the classical style, creates visible depth in the painting where the objects are emerging out from the darkness. Academic painting techniques were used in order to create a convincing illusion of three dimensional form and to represent the textural surface quality of each objects in the painting. How much or how little the paint was blended and how the paint was applied onto the canvas allows one to generate a variety of surface textures ranging from the smooth surface of the vase to the rough and irregular texture of the wooden table top.





 Taylor, Neil

Title: 'Mutawintji Corellas II'

Medium: Acrylic on Board

Size: 109 x 112          Price: $11000






 Tilley, Zak

Title: 'The Clay Pans, Central Australia NT (Near Alice)'

Medium: Gouache and Oil Pastel on Paper

Size: 56 x 76          Price: $2700



Travelling through Central Australia NT, up to the Top End and back through the East Kimberley Region of WA, my paintings are studies or of studies painted whilst on the road with my pad and set of Gouaches. The landscapes reflect a sense of self-scape and identification with Australia. Connection to the Australian Landscape is important to me as it is a feeling that can be shared between all human that encounter the country - the traditional owners, white Australians, and multiculturalism, and can aid healing,  positive connections and mutual respect and acceptance.





Tomkins, Andrew

Title: 'Open Cut'

Medium: Ink and Enamel on (cut) Polyester

Size: 49 x 49          Price: $2000



This work comes from a series inspired by the escarpments at the open cut coalmines in the Hunter Valley, Australia. The title not only refers to the physical process of gouging the earth, but also my practice of cutting polyester; in itself, also a destructive process.





Tozer, Claire

Title: 'Desert Ground'

Medium:  Ink on Paper

Size: 98 x 135          Price: $3000




The Australian outback is my inspiration for my drawing 'Desert Ground'. The shapes, colours, textures, movements of the trees and soil. Dryness of the earth and the solitude of the landscape I try to depict with scratchy marks of my pens. Each line is felt like a steady walk, step by step, inch by inch observing as I go through this landscape.





Urquhart, Lucy

Title: 'Three Ghosts'

Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 80.5 x 115          Price: $1200



This painting is part of series of works developed from ideas about the encroachment of the man-made environment upon the natural over time and of the possibility of the natural world reduced to a distant memory, or preserved in an artificial setting for nostalgia’s sake. Converse to this is the possibility of the built environment reclaimed by nature, its complexities and ingenuities expunged.  





Warburton, Greg

Title: 'Boatshed'

Medium: Oil on Timber Panel

Size: 91 x 91          Price: $3500        






Wenzl, Renate

Title: 'When I Stepped to the Garden Gate the Morning Breeze Caught Me by Surprise.

I had to Stop and Close My Eyes and Wander Into Times Long Gone'

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 29.7 x 21          Price: $340



Producing an art work consists not only of drawing or painting but also of creating a piece of a story where the onlooker is forced to imagine the beginning and the end. By that he or she is actively involved in the creation process of the art work





Wong, Zoe

Title: 'Milk, One Sugar'

Medium: C-Type Photograph

Size: 54 x 80          Price: 650



“Milk, one sugar” is part of a photographic series titled “Uncle Jackie”. Growing up Jackie Chan quickly became a symbol and icon of Chinese culture that I could look up to. So it was no surprise as a child that i would frequently fantasise about Chan as my uncle. It was only later, reflecting on this fantasy, that I realised it’s revealing nature for what I feel I have been lacking or removed from in my life: my Chinese heritage.

 This work is an exploration into the dynamic relationship between myself and this cultural icon; effectively negotiating the intricacies of my connection to China and its impact on my identity. A life-size cardboard cutout of Chan has been created and situated within the image in relation to myself, where an uncanny element is evoked. The work aims to generate dialogue about the blurring of boundaries within mixed race identity.





Yurkovic, Kate

Title: 'Cutting Down That Damn Lemon Tree'

Medium: Analog Paper Collage Suspended in Glass

Size: 30 x 42          Price: $85 




 This work is a personal reflection on the strength needed to get through hard times - when life gives you lemons, sometimes you just need to cut down that damn lemon tree.





Zuercher Hadfield, Evelyne

Title: 'Bamboo'

Medium: Ink and Colour on Paper,

Photopolymer Intaglio

Size: 112 x 55          Price: $1280







Zulumovski, Vera

Title: 'New Flag No.1'  

Medium: Felt Brush and Ink

Size: 98 x 79          Price: $1200



This work is part of a suite which is influenced by my ongoing interest in patterning and decoration, notably how it is used in traditional domestic arts like weaving and embroidery.

While the work is created on paper using modern felt brushes instead of a loom, needles or yarn, I have undertaken to apply the same level of diligent care, intimacy and intuition when making the drawing. Along with this, an essential counter sensibility that of careful logic, structured and coherent planning.









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