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08 November 2018 In NEWS
Sublime in Nature by Min-Woo Bang, Finalist 2018 KAAF Art Prize Sublime in Nature by Min-Woo Bang, Finalist 2018 KAAF Art Prize







Abdul Abdullah

Title: You Can Call Me Careless

Size: 150 x 120 cm            Medium: Manual Embroidery (Made With The Assistance of DGTMB Studio, Yogyakarta)

Price: $9000

‘You can call me careless’ from the series ‘Call me by my name’ (2018) features a pensive young man behind a scrawled smiley-face emoji. In making the work I was concerned about the accusations directed at younger generations that they are not living up to the former generation's expectations. In this embroidery, a young person looks out at the viewer from behind the superficially qualifying symbol of a smiley-face. The contrasting smiley-face icon and the figure lurking behind suggest a facade of joy, over a deeper, more ominous truth concealed within the stoic sitter. In ‘You can call me troublesome’ the emoji acts as both a shield and a cover from charges of generational failure, and by hanging at face height the embroidery positions itself as a direct request for civility and respect. It asks the audience to afford others the specificity and complexity in judgment that they afford themselves.






Ann Arora



 Title: Convergence

Size: 108 x 085 cm           Medium: Oil on Canvas           Price: $2000

‘Convergence’ is one of a series of paintings that explore the relationship between the human figure and the environment. The landscape in this series is mostly the urban landscape of Northern India where I have spent extended periods of time over the years. There is a particularity to this landscape that has allowed me to explore relationships between organic and geometric shapes, echoing traditional, new and ad hoc architectural elements within the environment.






John Aslanidis



Title: Sonic No. 63

Size: 122 x 137 cm           Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas         

Price: $9500

My paintings occupy the space between vision and sound. This systematic and interdisciplinary approach has a correlation with music and mathematics. 
The intention is to create imagery were there is no starting or finishing point, capturing a fragment of infinity.in this regard my work has a strong correlation with emergence theory ,were complex patterns emerge out of simple interactions

Conceptually,I am not trying to illustrate sound but, rather, give visual expression to its physicality.I am concerned with the physical reaction the viewer has to viewing my  paintings. This idea is closely related to the phenomenon of synaesthesia






Joseph Austin



Title: Big Magpie Drawing

Size: 78 x 60 cm            Medium: Charcoal, Ink, Watercolour and Pastel

Price: $2200

Australian Birds are a subject I keep on returning too, often following the genre of bird illustration. As an artist I’m drawn to the variety, their colours and behaviours. Their place in the Australian environment. My magpie drawing came about when a large male Magpie positioned itself nearby were I was sitting. Self assured and confident, its deep-black coat glistened in the sun. And then it was gone.






Min-Woo Bang



Title: Sublime in Nature

Size: 150 x 150 cm           Medium: Oil on Linen           Price: $18000

My painting explores the genre of romantic landscape painting that a deeper emotional response and engagement through mysterious and shifting Australian landscape.

I am interested in capturing nature's transitional moods in breathtaking Australian landscapes, engaging my senses with the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the land and sky that echo human moods. A dramatic interplay between light and dark directing the focus to gigantic moving clouds or gusts of wind as sky and land create worldly energies.






Stephen Bird



Title: Self Portrait With Brush and Palette

Size: 121 x 091 cm          Medium: Oil on Linen          Price: $14000

When I turned 50 I decided to mark the event by making a self portrait. When I looked in the mirror and began to draw I realized this reflection was not going to hold the accumulated years of self doubt, loathing and uncertainty. I came back to this painting several times over the next 3 years. I was not trying to paint a flattering portrait of myself but a symbolic work showing that in such an uncertain world the only certainty is that I can at least imagine I am standing in this studio with a paintbrush in my hand. This is a self portrait more analogous to vanitas than vanity.






Christian Bonett



Title: Newtown

Size: 60 x 50 cm           Medium: Oil on Board           Price: $2100






Kate Briscoe



Title: Detail Limestone Rockface Split Geikie Gorge

Size: 112 x 117 cm           Medium: Sand, Pigments & Acrylic on Canvas

Price: $9000

This work references surface, form and textures from observation. The limestone cliff faces at Geikie Gorge in the Kimberley show dramatic forms and colours due to weathering of this ancient landscape.
I focus closely on detail in this work.






Jane Canfield



Title: West Hobart, #2

Size: 76 x 76 cm           Medium: Oil on Board           Price: $2500

Painted from a recent painting trip to Tasmania. I lived in West Hobart for a few years when I was a little girl... and I have very fond memories of this street.






Eun Ju Cho



Title: Harmony and Balance 3

Size: 40 x 40 cm           Medium: Acrylic and Silk on Wood Panel

Price: $900

My work is an art project exploring my feelings about my life in Korea and my new home in Australia. My work is inspired by traditional Korean windows and doors, changmoon, and Korean wrapping cloths, bojagi, using them as a metaphor for passage of time and space. For me, the lines in my work represent my free soul. The line is inspired by the ribbon of the traditional Korean dress, hanbok. I have also used stripes of colour (pink, green, blue, and yellow), saekdong, which references the striped colours on the sleeves of a young child’s hanbok.  I have consistently pursued harmony and natural balance in colour, shapes, and lines in my work.






Duojie Ciren



Title: Buddhist Academy's Winter

Size: 122 x 091 cm           Medium: Oil on Canvas           Price: $2380

The Buddhist academy have a unique beauty in the winter ,Blue skies, white clouds and snow , black yaks, maroon temples, golden prayer wheels and white stupas define the landscape of roof of the world. That’s where my ancestors came from and where my heart is.






David Collins



Title: Swell

Size: 109 x 123 cm           Medium: Oil on Canvas           Price: $3000






Paul Connor



Title: Architectural Things

Size: 40 x 30 cm           Medium: Acrylic and Card on Linen Board

Price: $1350

I work wherever I happen to be using traditional media or an iPad, starting 'en plein air' and continuing in an improvised studio nearby, creating small but complex works.
Collages in this series are en plein air landscapes, later overlaid with imaginary city forms.  






Dagmar Cyrulla



Title: Everything to Everyone

Size: 91 x 122 cm          Medium: Oil on Linen          Price: $15000

This painting is about the changing roles within relationships and women’s increased responsibilities. This is a result of a push by woman for women to be heard and I like others have benefitted greatly. Where previously our parents slotted into an expected role, we now find ourselves pitching in and negotiating what tasks we take on to make the “Relationship” work. I believe that we take on more roles than previously and the pressure is greater; the carer, the lover and the provider. The paintings in the background reference history and how far women have come. The man, relaxed and unperturbed by his role shift, the child in the foreground, holding her pretty dress in one hand and the wedding ring in the other is unaware of her future choices. The young woman in the foreground represents intelligence, fragility, sensuality and strength. She is every woman.






Ryan Daffurn



Title: Herbst Mittels Frühling / Spring Through Autumn

Size: 80 x 120 cm            Medium: Oil on Linen            Price: $4000






Viola Dominello



Title: After the Back Burn, Galston

Size: 120 x 91 cm            Medium: Oil on Canvas           Price: $3000

In, After the back burn, Galston, I aim to project a reverence for the natural world of the greater Hawkesbury. Using diverse textural qualities I have attempted to capture its unruly, earthy and resilient qualities. 






Blak Douglas



Title: The Katter Grid

Size: 150 x 150 cm            Medium: Synthetic Polymer on Canvas

Price: $9000

‘Queensland’ Politician Bob Katter presents publicly as the very antithesis of egalitarian progression that most civilised Australians would like to see. Katter also epitomises the absurdity of the self anointed colonial ‘Mission Boss’, sadly reflective of a continuum within the deep North.

I’ve attempted to portray the hilarity of the white Australian political arena pontificating their abrasive (illegal) laws whilst continually ignoring Aboriginal presence and country. With a play on words typically found in my works, The Katter Grid is a pun derived from the cattle grid, the grate in the country road designed to contain cattle in a certain area. You’ll note there is no fence. In Western Law there’s always or a way around. The emaciated landscape represents the legacy left by over farming and the giant copper coloured sun and the gold coloured hills indicate the economic gains to be had within his electorate.

Blak Douglas, 2018






Robert Ewing



Title: Transitional Landscape

Size: 76 x 112 cm            Medium: Coloured Pencil on Cotton Paper

Price: $4000






Garry Foye



Title: Grawin Construction

Size: 78 x 108 cm            Medium: Gouache            Price: $4000

My work relates to landscape, not in the usual sense of copying nature, but the landscape our society creates. Compositions are derived from structures, surfaces and textures left in the ever-changing wake of continuous progression and replacement. Memories too play a large part, as I attempt to evoke a sense of place in almost all of my imagery.

Garry Foye






Margaret Fredrickson



Title: Pathways

Size: 106 x 75 cm            Medium: Mixed Media            Price: $850

General Kim Yu Shin (593-673) was one of the greatest of Korea's Military Heroes. In the 7th Century, his campaigns resulted in the unification of the country. The rubbing (in my work) is one of the finely carved zodiac figures on his tomb in Kyongju, the ancient capital of Korea.

This year 2018 North Korea's Kim Jong Un and the leader of the South Moon Jae-In are again attempting, up that fragile (egg-shelled) pathway, to reunify the country.






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