30 October 2013 In NEWS

Artwork images of 37 selected finalists.

(In alphabetical order of artists' names only)



Reaching to the Top - Minwoo Bang (Oil on Canvas)



A World of Difference - Vladimir Barac (Watercolour and Ink)



Culture is My Boundary - Gavin Cawthorn (Oil on Timber)



Chasing - Seong Cho (Printmaking)



Ups and Downs - Andrew Clarke (Ink and Pen on Paper)



G'Day Mate, Hammer Drill and Screw - Jan Cleveringa (Acrylic on Plywood)



Heaven Must be Missing an Angel - Helena Daley (Drawing)



Pitt Street Sydney - Junko Hagiwara (Watercolour/Ink)



Disappearing - Pamela Hobbs (Acrylic and Ink)



Gum Scape - Nancy Hunt (Acrylic)



21 Taras - Tim Johnson (Oil on Linen)



Wild Valley 11am - Gabrielle Jones (Oil on Canvas)



Patience - Gigi Kim (Acrylic on Canvas)



Killing Time, 2013 - Myung-hee Kim (Hemp)



My Bush Journey - Soonhee Ko (Acrylic/Hanji)



Autumn, 2013 - Hayley Kwon (Acrylic on Canvas)





Winter Light - Cobar  - David Lake (Oil on Canvas)



In the Red Room - Yvonne Langshaw (Acrylic/Mixed)



Symposium 2 - Hwajin Lee (Acrylic on Canvas)



Appropriated Propaganda - Kathrin Longhurst (Oil on Canvas)



With the Breeze 1 - Terese McManus (Etching)



Martin Place - John Moroney (Oil on Board)



Sun Setting on the Hill - Sun Hee Nankiville (Oil on Canvas)



Mulu Guyu Kissing (Two Fish Kissing) - Napolean Oui (Oilstick on Canvas)



Where Do I Live - Yiwon Park (Oil on Canvas)



Sydney Interior - Jean Pretorius (Oil on Canvas)



Wishing You Good Fortune - Katrina Read (Mixed/Acrylic)



Beautiful Burnout (Underworld) - Rowan Robertson (Ink and Acrylic on Paper)



Body 5 - Ursula Scott (Linocut)



Mr Kelly I Presume - Christopher Shelton (Oil on Linen)



Border - Jaedon Shin (Acrylic on Canvas)



River 1 - Gary Shinfield (Printmaking)



Ridge - Misim Song (Hanji and Acrylic on Canvas)



Walking Back to Carmarthen, South Wales - Kerry Thompson (Acrylic)



Nocturne 1 - Ilija Uzunoski (Acrylic on Canvas)



Late Autumn - Nahomi Yoshizawa (Acrylic on Canvas)



The Gates - Caroline Zilinsky (Oil on Canvas)





















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