2021 KAAF Art Prize - Semi Finalists

28 June 2021 In NEWS
'Buffet' by Simon Welsh, paper art, collage, 50 x 45 cm 'Buffet' by Simon Welsh, paper art, collage, 50 x 45 cm


Artworks by 2021 KAAF Art Prize Semi-Finalists 

In Alphabetical Order

Digital Exhibition

05.11.2021 - 10.12.2021 








Self Portrait


Acrylic            60 x 90 cm            $1200










Artist at Work


Oil on Canvas            61 x 76 cm            $1200


Earlier this year I spent a day with Elisabeth Cummings in her studio, painting her while she herself painted. I set myself up at the back of the studio and as I observed that she moved continuously between palette table, painting and chair I decided that I would try to capture that movement by painting her in those different positions on the one canvas. My painting was completed in situ, as a record of the experience of that day. 

While we both painted, I was aware of Elisabeth’s concentration, quiet energy and movement, as she walked back and forth to the canvas, mixed, applied, scraped off and re-applied paint, as well as periods of stillness when she sat and contemplated her work in progress.

It was a privilege to watch this much loved and admired artist at work.










Afternoon Light


U/S Woodblock Print            84 x 62 cm            $500


Art is something, which demands very careful and considered listening, listening to those very faint feelings and thoughts, which can easily go unnoticed.

My observations, memories and experiences become subject matter in ways, which can only be expressed and understood through painting. The relationship between the artist and the artwork is personal, demanding and dynamic each influencing the other. Intuition and feelings also guides the process, which cannot be predicted or foreseen, and can result in something unique and meaningful. A true artwork only reveals itself over time, the artist knows when something is there but may not be immediately fully conscious of how much is in the work.

Art tends to bring things to the surface, things which usually go unseen and unexpressed. Art has a way of making things whole, giving meaning and a sense of understanding to life.










T.J.K No.6


Acrylic Gouache Pastel Charcoal Ink & Chinagraph on Paper on Board

130 x 118 cm            $9000


Most of my portraits are intensive and obsessive observations of ordinary men & women in their later years. Nevertheless their narratives are both complex & varied .T.J.K.No.6 is Tony Kidd who for many years has run my local mower shop. He is a man of immense physical presence and size who in a former life has experienced more of the tragic realities of life than any of us would wish to encounter. And yet despite these experiences he presents as a quietly spoken thoughtful & sensitive man. Having first imagined he & I were on separate planets the act of engagement through painting him over two years resulted in a re-assessment of what I initially imaged him to be. I realized I carried an underlying prejudice on my part towards this man  & only served to remind me how we all carry varying degrees of cultural baggage & misunderstanding.










Soap & Suds


C-type Photographic Print from Medium Format Film

110 x 110 cm            $2250


This image is part of my Beautiful Solitude series. The aim is to show that
traces of beauty exist everywhere around us. The scenes depicted in this series can be found just around the corner in all of our daily lives. Many people however may not see the beauty in the ordinary, either being too busy, caught up in their daily hustle, or have simply just not spent the time looking to appreciate the details of everyday ordinary spaces and surroundings. Sometimes all we may need is the time and space - physical and emotional - to be able to pause to experience them.

The series has evolved over the last 2-3 years and has coincided with a focus on mindfulness and mediation in my life.

All images were photographed on medium format film, which I find to be an integral part of the creative process.












Oil on Belgium Linen            48 x 38 cm            $1500


Painted entirely from life over a few sittings, this painting was an exercise in form and tone, with the intent on capturing the essence of Sally's serene nature and patience.










A Quiet Seoul


Watercolour            38 x 31 cm            $440


Sunok is a self-taught sculptor and painter currently based in sunny Queensland, Australia. Born in Seoul, Korea she was adopted by her Australian family and from a young age grew up in Brisbane, Australia. Her works are influenced by her forgotten motherland and her wish to find her biological family. In 2018 she illustrated works for the "Post Reunion Stories" publication in Seoul.  In 2019, she exhibited in Brisbane's collective ‘The Look’ and returned to Seoul for her solo art show ‘New Narratives’. Whilst in Seoul she was recruited as an artist for the Korean art platform company, ToysAnd.  Sunok’s current works explore her ongoing discovery and love for Seoul, her unknown past and state of mind.










Community Response


Oil on Canvas            50 x 90 cm            $4400


Modern living survival and the rights and responsibilities of the community at large. Maybe the individual hive or swarm can provide possible solutions to modern living issues.












Ink on Paper            60 x 43 cm            $300


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Insomnia [Seven]


Mixed Media, Pigment Ink on Archival Cotton Rag Paper

61 x 94 cm            $1200


As anyone with insomnia will know, the ability of the mind to run away with itself through the night is common. Thoughts tumble over themselves, images flood into the mind, memories come unbidden, seemingly with no reason and certainly no order. It feels chaotic, and the tangle only clears when dawn comes and the real world intrudes.
During the night I write notes and lists in the dark, and when I find them in the morning they are largely incomprehensible. I have used these layered notes and drawings as the basis for this work.










On The Brink


Photo Printed on Canvas            120 x 75 cm            $1500 (Diptych)


On 12 June 2018, two restauranteurs in Seoul eat an early meal before the busy rush of the lunchtime office workers. Behind them, the television provides a live broadcast of the Singapore Summit between President Trump and Kim Jung Eun.

Above this photo, in 2019 an elegantly dressed woman is silhouetted against an austere background as she exits the Pyongyang subway.

These two photos from my travels to Korea and DPRK capture a sense of the uncertainty that defines the relationship on the Korean Peninsula. The image from 익선동 appears as if soft realism, capturing the warmth of friendship shared between two women. The Pyongyang woman is walking alone and away from the camera, the pillars to her left might be interpreted as bars. The Peninsula appear to balance on the brink, but on the brink of what exactly?










Atop Umbrawarra Gorge NT


Ink on Canvas            30 x 80 cm            $2500


Down the track and across some creeks,
A bit of a walk, into the gorge we seek,
Ancient escarpments, water and sand
The Wagiman people speak for this land

Umbrawarra Gorge.










20-4 (Still Life)


Coloured Pencil on Paper            95 x 71 cm            NFS


A study of form and light.










George Street


Oil on Canvas            84 x 112 cm            $1350










Gristle Landscape #2



Digital Image on Glass Panel            61 x 61 cm            $2100


This artwork is the outcome of my desire to challenge and evolve my art practice from one of tight control to a certain relinquish of creative control. Drawing parallels with writing of Andre Breton notion of psychic automatism and the absence of control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation. The resulting artworks evoke a strange beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny, the disregarded and the unconventional.
The artwork is grounded and engaged with transitional liminal sites found at the fringes of urban habitation. The merging of artist and machine, questions if the machine still bends to the will of the artist or does it replace the artist all together or is it a symbiotic process.










Ship at Dusk


Acrylic on Canvas            76 x 76 cm            $3000


“Ship at Dusk” is a painting that had been in my studio for a number of years, I was not able to resolve the sense of what I wanted to capture. In some ways, I’d forgotten what the original impulse was. I had a study called “Chartreuse tree”, so possibly it was initially about a different time and light. I kept thinking back to the first time I heard “Shipbuilding” by Robert Wyatt too, on a mixtape someone made for me. But I couldn’t remember who! So that is also what I was thinking about every time I returned.










The Dressing Room


Acrylic, Pigment and Oil Pastel on Canvas

94 x 80 cm            NFS


‘The Dressing Room’, is about my sister and I. Separated by the physical distance of living in separate countries, the intimate scene depicts an imaginary reunion where the viewer is left to decide a conclusion.










Vale Joey


Acrylic on Carved Woodblock            81 x 131 cm            NFS


Vale Joey, is a eulogy to the baby kangaroo that died face down, in what was left of the septic tank at our Lake Conjola house after the 2019 NYE fire.

The fire razed everything. Finding Joey dead in our backyard was the saddest of all terrible moments.

This work begins with a line drawing on a woodblock. The lines are then meticulously carved onto the woodblock with engraving tools.

Finally, the carved woodblock is lightly sanded, before thin layers of acrylic paint, staining the surface gradually, exposing the natural grain of the woodblock.










Boulder Beach Landscape, 2021


Oil on Panel            30 x 45 cm            $900


This painting was done in the studio from a sketch and photographs, at a small beach south of Tathra. I liked the way the small tree had been bent to the prevailing winds over time, and also how the structure of the tree was visible below the foliage.










I Keep Having the Same Dream


Oil on Linen            60 x 40 cm            $1300  (Diptych)










Self-Talk  (Chromatic Aberration) - From the Series “Conversations With My-Self and Others” 2021


Archival Pigment Print on Galerie Art Gloss Face Mounted with Timber Frame

102 x 77 cm            $2500


Self-Talk (Chromatic Aberration)
From the Series “Conversations with My-Self and Others” 2021

Each afternoon last winter, I looked forward to seeing a small shape of light travel across the wall behind my computer for a short period of time. Within the series “Conversations with My-Self and Others” I explore and exaggerate the tiny perfect moments … the “right now” - that isolation led me to contemplate and appreciate.

My photo media works are impressionistic and ephemeral documentations of the everyday. Simple colour driven abstractions that engage with the temporal nature of physical space and light. Although factual, the photographs are detached from physical or concrete reality and resistant to any narrative sense. There is a pressure to drift in the present.

Without objective context, the compositions and colour relationships become a subject in themselves. A non-objective “Visual Conversation”.










Golden Grasses


Acrylic and Ink on Canvas            100 x 150 cm            $6500


I do a lot of staring at the ground when walking through the bush and always the trees and grasses are beside the tracks. There are lines and marks everywhere you look, it's hard not to be captivated by these.










Beneath the Sea



Mixed Media on Linen            78 x 87 cm            $2500












Paper Art. Collage            50 x 45 cm            $500


I work in paper for its delicacy and strength. Papers willingness to be transformed, both in form and texture, makes it a perfect medium for exploring my personal narrative and allowing me to capture personal moments of strength and vulnerability. Looking past the obvious forms of beauty, deconstruction and self-reflection of the subject is my process. The challenge is to see beyond the traditional forms I use and to relate a new message to a new audience.
My work often focuses on the figurative as I believe it allows me to transform my thoughts and ideas into movement. Deconstructing original constraints to recontextualise my ideas.










Nothing is Set in Stone



Carrara Marble, Text            60 x 60 cm            $2400


This work furthers my practice exploring the potential to perceive things differently, to engage wonder and to find our breathing space in challenging times.












Ink on Paper            70 x 90 cm            $5880










Rosemeadow Weatherboard


Acrylic on Carved Woodblock            112 x 92 cm            NFS








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