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Semi-Finalists of 2019 KAAF Art Prize




(in alphabetical order of artists' names)





Andrew Antoniou



Divining Rite

Oil on Canvas             150 x 122             $15000

This painting is one of a series of work where I explore the acts of divination in human history. To me painting and drawing are acts of divining being the search within our own psyche for our hidden language.






Ann Arora



Yawuru Country

Oil on Canvas               123 x 78                $2000

I am increasingly interested in how intentional or planned acts in painting interact with improvisational and intuitive methodologies. Using people and the spaces we inhabit as subject matter the intention is to find the right fit within the picture plane from both compositional and personal, experiential perspectives.






Karima Baadilla



Red Tablecloth

Oil on Paper             30 x 21               $998






Jacqueline Balassa



Cascade #1 - Dreaming of Water

Oil on Board               56 x 40               $3300

Jacqueline Balassa is inspired by the calm beauty and “magical” quality of Early Italian Renaissance paintings, delicately balanced between the real world of observation and the inner world of the imagination. She aims to achieve these in her own work. Jacqueline Balassa’s paintings and drawings reflect the colours, light, forms and patterns of the changing seasons and times of day. Her very personal melding of contemporary Australian and ancient European painting traditions has resulted in a unique and fresh interpretation of the landscape.
Jacqueline Balassa graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993, Master of Art in 1995 and Master of Fine Art in 2000 from COFA University of NSW.






Matthew Bromhead



Soft Survey

Charcoal, Chalk Pastel on Cotton Paper           59 x 79            $2200

Sometimes it is best to step aside and watch things as they move past. Letting events, feelings, and time just run their course, observing quietly, without interfering.






Esther Bruno Nangala



Acrylic on Linen              122 x 122              $4500






Anthony Cahill




Oil on Linen                140 x 140                $5000






Chris Casali




Graphite Watercolour on Yupo Paper           100 x 150            $5000

Chris Casali leads a process-driven practice that entails a fascination for detail. A performance of reduction and withdrawal; an active escape and removal of oneself from the external to the internal world. Leaving behind a fractured landscape that’s obscured and disconnected in form.
Casali’s artworks explore elements of abstraction with hints of natural reference that subconsciously resonate a personal, yet historical connection to the land and the sea. Multi-faceted façade like relationships present arrangements overlapping in form with multiple viewpoints. Her visual language is complex yet minimal in narrative. There is an intuitive play of light from darkness, a refusal of content, a quietly defiant act that’s driven by a desire for artistic simplification and integrity. She is making a conscious attempt to strip back the influences of cultural liberalist ideologies. A long-term commitment to an extended meditation of the fundamental artistic tenets in process and materiality.






Susanna Chen Chow



Plein Air Drawing In The Woods

Ink and Charcoal on Paper             57 x 76              $1800

I enjoy seeing and expressing patterns of light and shade that can vary throughout a forest created by changes in the canopy or such as a cloud passing over.






Sum Woon Chow



Here On Earth

Acrylic on Canvas              76 x 76             $1500

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Khalil Gibran (1883-1931).






Gabrielle Courtenay



Path to Infinity

Acrylic, Vinyl, Pigmented Gesso on Plywood           93 x 63          $4800

In my art practice I have long been interested in exploring the metaphysical search from meaning, the connection between living things and the fragility and ephemeral nature of life.
Walking early one morning in the pouring rain on the edge of a friend’s property, I came upon this relic of an ancient tree symbolizing to me the resilience, power and beauty of the Australian landscape.
In this painting I have tried to recreate the energy of it standing there in its dreamlike trance, floating in that ephemeral space between earth and heaven.






Daniela Cristallo



Across the Gully

Acrylic and Oilstick on Paper           88 x 68           $1420

'Across the Gully' depicts my immediate and instinctive response to my ongoing en plein air studies from Golden Gully, Hill End NSW. Through filtering impressions of colour, mood and mark; I want to draw upon and reflect a highly personal experience of the landscape.






Dagmar Cyrulla



The Move

Oil on Linen             76 x 61             $9900






J Valenzuela Didi



Strolling Down Christopher Street

Acrylic on Canvas              75 x 150              $3950

Houses tell stories. They stir memories of days long-forgotten. They serve as functional monuments, solitary observers of our existence. I’m intrigued by the lives of houses.
The post-war house in this work overlooks a lonely street on a star-filled night. It meets the sky like an abandoned vessel adrift on the ocean. With its wealth of secrets and tales, the building floats through the night, obscuring the passing of time.
As more and more dwellings get demolished to make way for new developments the houses that remain gain all the more significance, becoming haunting reminders of the transience of life.






Celia Fernandez




Acrylic on Canvas               76 x 76               $1030

Casades is part of the 'Only Dots' series.
Inspired on opart style, with a great visual stimulation. The lines that seem to get lost along the way produce an almost hypnotizing effect.






Oscar Garcia



The High Ground

Oil on Polyester              40 x 40             $2850

I create images to explore and attempt to understand the essence that gives shape to our independent and collective consciousness. In my work I aim to capture the elusive energy we transcend, that paints a portrait of the human landscape.






Liz Harriott



Abundance - The View Through My Googles

Oil on Canvas                101 x 121                $5000

You could spend your lifetime studying the marine world and you would only be scraping the surface of collected knowledge about the plants and animals which live in the oceans.
In this painting Abundance - The View Through My Googles, I hope to take the viewer’s gaze into the wonderful, exciting and amazing world just off the seashore and on the rocks.
From the barnacles on the top of the rocks which live a precarious life in the blasting sun and submerged in water, to the phosphorescent plants, the sea anemones, algae, plants, stingers and fish. The abundance of life is breathtaking.
We are filling our marine waters with plastic and other waste including pesticides, we really know very little of what lives there. Explore this painting, the beauty of this environment and think that this could all be lost.  






Geoff Harvey



Writings On The Wall

Acrylic on Board              117 x 118               $6600

The Mungo Scott Silo is a well known landmark building in the Inner west of Sydney. In recent times the development of apartments around it have now almost completely hidden it from view. This is a shame so I painted this work to remember it in it's grander. Part of the rapidly disappearing Sydney. Hence the title.






Ingrid Haydon




Oil on Canvas                107 x 107                $5500

This work began as a very small work in memory of the last coffee with a friend who loved colour. I've obsessed with it over the years and finally decided to let it go.






Beric Henderson



Big Water #4

Ink on Paper               75 x 100              $4500

I moved to the coastal town of Port Macquarie in 2016 and spend long periods of time observing the ocean. I have a favourite spot on the rocks that I visit after I finish in the studio, usually late afternoon, where the water seems to have a life of its own. My currents series of drawings use constantly morphing lines to track and trace the flow of water and describe its robust and unpredictable energy. The artwork Big Water #4 took almost three weeks to complete and I hope captures the spirit and beauty of our oceans.






Jesse Hogan



Install - Koki Tanaka 'Everything Is Everything'

Oil on Canvas              90 x 130              $10000

The INSTALL series (Oil on Canvas) Series 2009 - 2020, investigates the Originality and Authorship of Artists Installation documentation in Multiple contexts including Artist Books, catalogues and the internet. Through my painterly process of photo-realist reproduction, the image of art documentation undergoes a transformation where the copy of a copy becomes a new original. In this process, there is a glitch in the transference between mediums from sculpture to installation to photography to painting and then back to the photographic documentation of the artwork against the institutional sheen of the white cube. Overall this process is a reflection on art's new mediated environment via the screen of online mediation. The Paintings acquire new meaning in this series, through the connective responses to both other artists, other mediums and to broader artistic contexts in time and place. 'Everything is Everything' Reproduces Tanaka Koki's 2006 Taipei Biennial Installation.






Paul Jackson



Only the Brave

Enamel on Paper               118 x 102               $1700

This reduction woodblock print is based on a painting of the same name. The original image showed a Maori warrior dressed as rugby footballer, a game which only the brave can play.






Hyun Hee Lee



Remembering MV Sewol

Ink, Hanji Paper, Pencil, Silk Thread             100 x 100             $3800

This work pays homage to the lives lost in the sinking of the MV Sewol.
The sinking of MV Sewol on the 16th April 2014 where 304 mostly high school students lost their lives was a terrible tragedy felt by all Koreans.
This work reflects this tragedy expressing regret, grief and sympathy.
I used the colour yellow reflecting the yellow ribbons which were used as a symbol of hope to come back home safely.
The names of each person I have written onto 304 pieces of layered and dyed Hanji paper with ink and then stitched together with red silk thread.






Yonghyeon Lee




Oil on Canvas               50 x 60                NFS

My artwork is expressing the uncertainty of my future and identity. As a Korean immigrant who came to Australia when I was 16, as soon as I graduated. Even Australia is multicultural and we are proud that we have various of race and culture I always worry about who am I and what can I do in Australian society. The only thing I can be sure about is what I want to do which is Drawing. I tried to express the idea thought the hazy background; the street, buildings, trees. And drawing leg and shoes clear and detailed.






Christopher Lewis



Spring Dawn in the Magical Garden

Oil on Canvas               150 x 120                $7500






Dennis McCart



Some Kind of Nature

Oil on Linen on Ply Board             84 x 118               $5200

This painting depicts a personal place for me one that offers an uncanny quiet and solitude amongst the chaos of the industry and motorways of my city.
My paintings investigates a landscape within the margins, places no one looks for beauty or meaning. These are landscapes weighted with possibility offering the promise of adventure and danger whether that lies ahead is known or unknown.
My painting acts as film set, constructed to exert an irresistible pull on the viewer. Employing a palimpsest methodology of erasure and over writing, I present a personal vision of these constantly evolving landscapes calling attention to important environmental, political and social narratives.






Ray Monde



The People Next Door

Collage and Synthetic Polymer Paint          62 x 62         $1250

My art practice is paper-based; early works were carefully cut images from magazines, before I moved to creating colour palettes of torn colours from glossy magazines. This forces me to economise in colour and creates serendipitous moments when part of a printed image becomes something else entirely.
My current works explore the isolation of urban life, where lives are compartmentalised and played out on the stage of our backyards. There is also an element of destruction and rebirth in my work – destroying the glossy magazines of my former advertising life to create something entirely new.






Richard Morecroft



In Transit

Acrylic, Bitumen and Aluminium on Marine Ply          60 x 90         $1200

Reflecting on gravity, transparency, sedimentation and transition from one state to another.






Anthony O'Carroll



Untitled Red and White Lines, 2018

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas            105 x 90           $6600






Christine Druitt-Preston



Olley Land - Take a Place At The Table

Lino Block Print               67 x 137             $1900






Clarissa Regan



The Ph.D

Oil on Canvas              76 x 76              $900

This painting came about as a study of a mature age entrant who successfully achieved a PhD at SCA late in life, who happens to be my mother. My painting also explores ideas of non-duality and mirroring.  






Kean Onn See



Shady Acres I

Acrylic on Hand-Carved Woodblock          83 x 38          $1500

Hand carved on plywood then lightly painted with at least five layers of paints.
Shady Acres I, is a tribute to the beauty of rejuvenation from destruction on the Australian landscape.
Inspired during my stays at Shady Acres in Wisemans Ferry. I always find myself wandering in to the native bushes climbing upwards to the top of the cliffs behind house.
Surrounded by fire blackened trees, scorched ground and scattered rocks. I stand and look up often, tough those climbs might be, I always feel at peace in this seared, eerie beautiful landscape.
Growth has already started to take hold, and the bush almost covered with shrubs once more. Only the charred tree trunk, a reminder of its destructive past.
Shady Acres is part one of three of the series, in which I seek to recreate the path I have taken during these walks in Shady Acres.






Joanne Sisson




Acrylic on Canvas             137 x 112             $4400

The cycle of water as it reticulates through the landscape is the prevailing subject matter for this painting. The beauty observed amid the lift and fall of atmospheric conditions are portrayed through the descent of rain into the river, the lift of mist and the cyclic recurrence of rainfall.
The artwork employs a process of fine line work to capture the continual succession of fleeting changes in the ethereal movements of water particles.






Fabia Sparks



Anger Management

Acrylic on Canvas              116 x 111             $6000

Res ipsar loquitur






Sally Stokes




Oil on Linen               102 x 122              $4600






Lisa Stonham



Белые Ночи, Санкт-Петербург Belyye Nochi, Sankt-Peterburg

Archival Pigment Print on Cold Press Natural Fine Art Paper

75 x 51                  $1100

Lisa Stonham is a Visual Artist working across photo media, digital collage, sculpture and installation. Her photo media works are impressionistic and ephemeral documentations of the everyday, that engage with the temporal nature of physical space and light. Colour driven abstractions of “real” and “now” that imbue a visceral and emotive quality.
Lisa is interested in pictorial dichotomies, like the tension between “real” and “not real” or “constructed” and “natural”. Her work reflects on how “now” in the photographic sense is always before. She often works with durational execution combining photographs collected over many years into a single artwork.






Nat Ward



Nailcan Hill

Oil on Canvas             115 x 115             $6000

Nailcan hill is a reserve where I often hike. This painting is simply my response to this environment. I am interested in the nuances and sensations of pattern, light and colour. These are further explored whilst in the process of painting. I want the painting to reflect and have a feel of the intricacy and complexity of the Australian bush.






Greg Weight



Breathe 3

Archival Photographic Print on Canvas Over Painted In Oils

86 x 125               NFS

'Breathe 3' will also be included in my next exhibition with Australian Galleries. It concerns the importance of our reliance and shared coexistence with trees that collectively form the lungs of the earth. It is also an example of a recent development within my art practice, which involves printing my original photograph onto canvas and painting into the image with oil paint to create a tension or mental dance between both mediums.






Renate Wenzl



Little House In The Shire

Mixed Media              70 x 50              $1200

I love landscape but I also love abstract paintings. What is better than combining the two genre. And if I say landscape I really mean our little house and the landscape around us. So many memories connected to it. My most personal art I have produced so far.






Patrice Wills



Mina Mina

Oil on Wood              60 x 60             $1100







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